SPF50 Tattoo Stick * .49oz stick

Australian Gold SPF 50+ Tattoo Stick and Fade Protection


Size: .49 fl. oz.


UV rays are rough on unprotected skin, and they’re even harsher on your tattoos. While UV rays are adding a nice bronze to your skin, it drains the life out of a tattoo. The more you tan, the more ink fades and slowly goes from bright and shiny to dull and faded. Are your tanning days over? No. Australian Gold is one of the tanning industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced experts. They know what customer reviews have asked for, and they deliver. They have heard the tanning populations plea for protective lotions for tattoos and have several options to conserve tattoo brilliance. The most specialized is the Tattoo Stick, which delivers intense moisture to brighten tattoo colors, fade protection and SPF 50 protection against UV rays. You don’t have to choose between your ink and your sun worship. Choose both. Just plan accordingly! 



  • Protect Tattoos
  • Strong SPF 50 Protection
  • Ultimate Fade Protection
  • Prevents Ink Discoloration
  • Provides Intense Moisture to Brighten Tattoo Colors

SPF50 Tattoo Stick * .49oz stick

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